Terms Of Service / Sale

Prices may be subject to change according to changes in supply or fluctuations in international exchange rates.

The data, ips, email services supplied is for the sole use of the client.  Clients shall not copy, share, sell, lease or otherwise make available to any other person or organization the data acquired from VipDiscountLeads.com.

Data acquired from VipDiscountLeads.com is sold for single-site use only unless otherwise agreed upon. Additional location use is subject to further charges.

VipDiscountLeads.com assumes no responsibility for any direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages or loss on the part of the customer or any third party as a result of the use of data supplied.

VipDiscountLeads.com will not be liable for the results of any marketing campaign or for delays and inconvenience related to the delivery of these products to the customer.

The Customer is responsible for the method of use. VipDiscountLeads.com does not guarantee the success of any marketing campaign.

VipDiscountLeads.com will not issue any refund or credit for a project based on the performance of data supplied or ips supplied or email marketing services supplied.  Due to the nature of data, refunds are not offered, however will always work with clients if there's a proven problem with the product/service.